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Below are the most frequently asked questions. Please browse our website for more answers or feel free to contact the Athletic Director at 407-870-9949
What Athletic Teams does New Dimensions offer?



FALL :        Boys / Girls Cross Country and Girls Volleyball
WINTER :  Boys Varsity Basketball, Girls Soccer and Coed Basketball Intramurals
SPRING :    Varsity Baseball, Girls Tennis and Track & Field
                     Dance is an extracurricular activity offered in the Winter

What Paperwork is needed in order to participate?
Are there any fees in order to participate on a team?
There is a one time $30.00 participation fee. Made payable to NDHS.
What are the academic requirements in order to participate?
*Each Student-Athlete who is currenlty in the 11th or 12th grade - must have an overall 2.0 GPA
*Each Student-Athlete who is currenlty in the 9th or 10th grade - must have a 2.0 the previouse semester.
*Each incoming 9th grader is academically eligible for the first semester only. A 2.0 is needed from the 1st         semester in order to continue participating into the 2nd semester
Do I need to have a new physical for each season?
No - Athletic Physicals are good for 365 days. Each physical must be signed by a licensed physician. NDHS will offer athletic physicals each year in May - The cost in only $10.00
How will my child get to and from athletic contests?
Each student is responsible for their own transportation to and from athletic practices and contests.
How do I support the athletic department

Questions and Answers

You will need to have a Consent form signed by a guardian and Physical form signed by a physician, along with a Signed Student-Athlete handbook receipt.
              Click here for all athletic paperwork

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