Angie Lynn


Ms. Lynn has a background in the field of Architecture working as a Project Manager and AutoCAD Draftsperson; she has a minor in Graphic Design and is the founder of a former online Math tutorial website (

With several years experience in teaching Ms. Lynn is also well known as a former Instructor here in helping to develop the strength of our A school in Mathematics and has many recognitions to include national student competitions placing 6th for High Schools nation-wide and student achievements in the top 2% for the state of Florida.

Ms. Lynn holds mutli-state certifications, an occupational certification, and a vocational certification she has dedicated her life to teaching a wide range of curriculum and is endorsed in several areas with 7 college transcripts ranging in the fields of Art, Math, Drafting, Commercial Design, Vocational, Informational Technology and Drivers’ Ed.

Ms. Lynn is a member of the National Leadership forum, the National Medical forum and was nominated as National Educator. She originated from the West Coast 9yrs. ago in which she was teaching a range of courses from Mathematics, Graphic Design to Engineering Technology and Animation and also worked in a Therapeutic Boarding school for teens with addictions. Recently, she ran a TV Production studio and control room for students entering the field of News broadcasting and prepared students for endeavors in Multi-Media Design.