Brandon Armstrong – Math Teacher

Brandon Shawn Armstrong has been a teacher of High School Mathematics for twelve years. Mr. Armstrong is new to New Dimensions High School this year as well as a new teacher in the state of Florida. Mr. Armstrong was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. He graduated from Oak Park High School in Kansas City as a valedictorian. After high school, he went on to earn his undergraduate from UCF transferring after his first semester to Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville finishing out his degree in Secondary Education Mathematics. Seven years later, Brandon would continue his education at University of Missouri – Kansas City earning a Masters in Mathematics. In less than four years after the UMKC masters degree, Mr. Armstrong went on to earn one more Masters degree in Education, Leadership, and Emerging Technologies from Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design in Colorado. Mr. Armstrong has taught at 4 school districts during his residence in Missouri: Raytown High School, Park Hill High School, Truman High School, and Liberty North High School. During many of those years, he would help out students and the school any way he could from coaching cheer leading, build staff teams to play games against students, participation on tasks forces, and assistant theater director. Finally, being here at New Dimensions High School and in a new State, Mr. Armstrong has set out to become “one of the greats” here in Florida. He looks forward to working with the students and school making NDHS the BEST in Florida.

Mr. Armstrong does many things on the side. He is an avid movie goer. Moreover, because of loving movies so much, he has interned at an advertizing agency where movie screenings were a part of the job. Through this he has and still continues to see movies before they hit theaters and sometimes help out when actors and actresses come to town for the movie screenings. Mr. Armstrong loves being very active as well. He was a scout when he was younger and worked up all the way to Eagle Scout. Gaming is a huge love of his. Everything from board games, video games, and live games like escape rooms all interest him greatly. Finally, Mr. Armstrong loves to act and has done multiple shows in the past from leading rooms to chorus to backstage technical work. Mr. Armstrong has even played King at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival for two years, which involves improvisational acting to script acting.