Joshua Lower

Mr. Lower’s Email:

Mr. Lower is originally from New Jersey and came to Central Florida
from New Hampshire while pursuing a career as a golf
professional.  After living and competing all around the world for 6
years on a variety of tours, Mr. Lower returned to Florida to increase
his knowledge of golf course design. He earned a Masters of
Landscape Architecture degree from the University of Florida which
added to his original undergraduate Finance degree from Wofford
College in South Carolina.

He has taken these interests in design to pass on his knowledge of
mathematics and architecture to the students of New Dimensions so
that they may see the world around them differently. His passion for
teaching Geometry is opening student’s imaginations to examine real
world scenarios and demonstrate the process of going through a
project from start to finish. They ultimately see how geometric
principals are used in things like estimating, site evaluation, product
packaging, and location. His background in Finance and Marketing is
also incorporated into his lessons as he loves to remind students of a
sense of place and scale so they know why the things they observe
around them have a purpose and logical place in the market.

“Many of the students I have are introduced to logical-mathematical thinking for the first time and it is my job to help them think through a problem and know how they might be able to solve it in multiple ways. There will be no shortage of problems in our future, but I am confident we are teaching some of the best problem-solvers for tomorrow.”