NDHS Uniform

 NDHS takes pride in the appearance of its students. Good grooming equates to good conduct and academic achievement. ALL students are expected to dress and groom themselves neatly in clothes that are suitable for school activities in accordance with the NDHS Dress Code.  Student are asked to dress in a manner that demonstrates they have respect for themselves and for others. Infractions will be referred to an administrator.

****Appropriate school approved masks, or face shields must be worn on campus per CDC and school guidelines when deemed necessary. ****

  1. Caps, hats, bandanas, headbands, athletic sweatbands, hoods, do-rags, etc. are NOT to be brought to or worn on campus or activities. Faculty and staff will confiscate these items and turn them over to the administration. Parents/guardians will be requested to pick up confiscated items. Special “spirit days” will be announced.
  2. Shirts, Blouses, Sweaters
  3. That display words, phrases, pictures, etc. that give reference to profanity, sex, alcohol, smoking, drugs, racial slurs, Satanism, hate, weapons, etc. are forbidden.
  4. They must cover the midsection area, and be close fitting under the arms. Cut-offs and bare midriffs are forbidden.
  5. No backless, strapless, or with thin straps less than 2” wide are allowed. Tank tops with loose fitting armholes are not permitted.
  6. No see-through blouses unless a slip or camisole is worn underneath. Mesh tops are inappropriate unless a regular shirt/blouse is worn underneath.
  7. Shorts, Skirts, Dresses
  8. Must not be shorter than 5” above the knee.
  9. Must not be skin tight.
  10. May not be backless, strapless, nor have thin straps (less than two inches wide).
  11. No see through unless slip or camisole is worn.
  12. Shoes must be worn at all times. (Crocs, house, bedroom shoes, shower shoes, or slippers are prohibited).
  13. General
  14. No spandex garments.
  15. Leggings (tight fitting) are not to be worn as pants.
  16. Ripped, shredded or cut up pants, shorts, shirts, skirts are forbidden.
  17. No sunglasses may be worn inside the building.
  18. Leotards or body suits may not be worn as outer garments.
  19. Pant waists worn across the buttocks are forbidden.
  20. Low cut dress tops, sweaters, blouses, shirts are not allowed.
  21. Appropriate personal hygiene (bathing, shampooing, laundering, use of mouthwash, use of deodorants) is recommended and appreciated.
  22. Visible undergarments, sleepwear or outer garments traditionally designed as undergarments such as boxer shorts, or bras are not allowed.
  23. Beach attire is not to be worn at school.
  24. Wallet chains, dog collars, or other inappropriate chains or accessories will not be allowed on campus.
  25. Trench coats and other distracting oversized clothing will not be allowed on campus.

NOTE: The administration reserves the right to determine what inappropriate dress is. Students who are inappropriately dressed for school must change into appropriate clothing. The school administration is the final authority regarding the appropriateness of dress and grooming. The student code of conduct will be applied to violations of the dress code.

Parent/guardian will be called. Repeated dress code violations will be considered insubordination. Students with repeated violations of the dress code will be required to purchase and wear a New Dimensions High School T-shirt or Polo shirt with jeans or slacks for the remaining semester or as otherwise directed by the administrator.